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and the soft lips touch the creamy rose

Welcome to the community of both blosoms and pandragonriyong. Here, we write everything HoMin (with a dash of JYJ) to meet your HoMin / MinHo needs respectively. And maybe some extra person thrown into the HoMin mix. We will also occasionally write other bands (hence, the “fandom” tag) but this community will generally evolve around our lovely leader + maknae couple that is specifically HoMin (because I, Aly, have a thing for leader+maknae couples). We demand hope you enjoy your stay(?) here and that you enjoy what you read. You might have a liking towards Ellie's fics more but that’s okay because she’s from England and she wins by default (;___;) and everyone knows that British > Asians.

HoMin will be written by Ellie and MinHo will be written by Aly unless stated otherwise


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